Below is the table which shows the top 6 best wrist weights 2018. Each and every wrist weights is chosen by our specialist reviewers.


# 1 - Gymenist Pair Of Wrist Weights With Hole For Thumb, Great For Running & All Kind Of Cardio Exercises (2 Lb Pair)

PAIR OF HAND & WRIST WRAP WEIGHTS WITH HOLE FOR THUMBAvailable Sizes: (Comes in pairs)1 LB Blue (Total of 2Lb) 2 LB Purple (Total of 4Lb)3 LB Green (Total of 6Lb) Features:These weights are perfect for training exercises, fitness, boxing, cardio, outdoor sports. Great for straighten your forearm and shoulders. Thumb hole:Provides the great assurance that the weights will never fall off. Thmb hole also ensures that it will not shift up r down your hand like all the other wrist weightsAdjustable Tightness: on the forearm to tighten or loosen, to make it comfortable for your size hand and to…

  • Thumb Hole Ensures That It Will Not Shift Up Or Down Your Hand Like All The Other Wrist Weights
  • This Is Especially Great To Improve Your Punching And Boxing Skills It Will Stay On Your Wrist
  • Suitable For Running, Fitness, Exercise Training, Workout, Biking & Other Outdoor Sports
  • Wear It While Working Out To Give Your Muscles A Better Workout Or You Can Also Wear During The Day To Work Your Muscles Without Going To The Gym
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Can be adjusted on the forearm to fit your arms and wrist


# 2 - Reehut Ankle Weights, Durable Wrist Weight (1 Pair) W/adjustable Strap For Fitness, Exercise, Walking, Jogging, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Gym - Sky Blue -8 Lbs Pair (4 Lbs Each)

Burn more calories and increase the effectiveness of your workout with Reehut Training Ankle Weights Pair. Which used to add resistance to a variety of workouts including walking, toningand stretching exercises, and almost any other exercise you want to make more challenging, provides a healthy and beneficial amount of resistance for your workouts. Reehut Ankle and Wrist Weights ➤ Weight set available: Green - 1 lbs (×2), Purple - 1.5 lbs (×2),Blue - 2 lbs (× 2), Orange - 3 lbs (×2), Sky Blue - 4 lbs (×2) ➤ Ankle weights attach and adjust easily with straps,?which hold very well…

  • Weight Set Available: Sky blue -8 lbs pair (4 lbs each). Dimension: 12" x 4.72"
  • Premium Quality: Made with durable mercerized cotton for exercise, and moisture absorbing material inside, soft, breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to Use: Adjustable velcro closure to ensure a customized fit to your ankles, snug and secure, take seconds to put on and take off.
  • Workout & Fitness: Filled with the iron shot, add more resistance to your daily workout. Strengthen your legs, burn calories and fat, tone your lower-body muscles. Offer versatility (such as raise and leg lift).
  • Warranty: If you're not satisfied with our product, please let we know, we offer 1-year warranty.


# 3 - Empower Ankle Weights For Women, Wrist Weight, Adjustable Weights, Running, Walking, Exercise, Resistance Training, 5 Lb Set, Teal

"Empower 5-Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights or Wrist Weights Looking for a convenient way to add resistance training and gain more of a challenge from your workout? Incorporate a pair of our Empower 5lb adjustable ankle/wrist weights into your fitness routine or normal activities for greater performance. Whether you are walking, jogging, running or doing a boot camp cross-fit class, ankle weights and wrist weights will increase intensity and increase strength. Ankle weights tone and sculpt and are great to use for leg lifts, bicycle crunches, kickbacks, leg extensions and more. Wrist weights tone arms and shoulders and are a great…

  • DESIGNED FOR WOMEN: Our adjustable weight ankle and wrist weights are designed with a woman's body and needs in mind. Sculpt and tone while walking, jogging, cross-training and workout routines
  • BURN MORE CALORIES: Our pair of 5lb ankle or wrist weights for women adds resistance to your workouts by combining cardio and weight training resulting in burning more calories
  • USE ANYWHERE: Easy to carry, you can take your ankle or wrist weights with you anywhere; the gym, home, at the office or while traveling
  • DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Constructed of high quality, soft and stretchy neoprene with reinforced double stitching and filled with iron sand
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT OPTIONS: Set of 5lb ankle weights are adjustable from 3lb set to 4lb set to 5lb set. Includes four 1/2-pound weight bars that fit inside the ankle weight pockets


# 4 - Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle Or Wrist Weights, Sold In Pairs (orange)

Note to buyers: Da Vinci Ankle Weights are exclusive product of Da Vinci Imports and the only authorized resellers of our products are ChipsandGames and Da Vinci Sports. The Da Vinci adjustable ankle weights are manufactured with the comform and ease of use in mind. Made of soft cloth exterior with velcro tightening band making them adjustable to a variety of ankle and wrist sizes while ansorbing moisture. While tightening the weights, the soft material stretches to provide a comfortable tight grip around ankles so the weights do not move during exercise. Use ankle weights to enhance balance or strength…

  • Note to buyers: Da Vinci Ankle Weights are exclusive product of Da Vinci Imports and the only authorized resellers of our products are ChipsandGames and Da Vinci Sports.
  • You will receive a pair of ankle/wrist weights as Orange (2x1 lbs each), Blue (2x1.5 lbs each), Light Green (2x2 lbs each), Yellow (2x3 lbs each), or Green (2x5 lbs each)
  • Adjustable velcro bands to easily fit to wrist or ankle of any size for a comfortable fit
  • Soft cloth interior absorbs moisture


# 5 - Zensufu Adjustable Ankle Or Wrist Weights (1 Lb)

Zensufu ankle or wrist weights are made of quality materials. Each set comes with a pair of weights. A convenient travel pouch is also included for exercise on the go. Zensufu is a registered trademark and protected by US trademark laws.

  • Purple - 2 lbs pair (1 lb each)
  • Comes with a black travel pouch
  • Convenient for gym, exercise, fitness, walking, jogging, gymnastics, aerobics
  • Made with soft and durable fabric for exercise
  • Adjustable strap for great fit for your ankles or wrists