Below is the table which shows the top 6 best rated electric heaters 2018. Each and every rated electric heaters is chosen by our specialist reviewers.


# 1 - Tpi Corporation Och57-240v Quartz Electric Infrared Heater, Outdoor/indoor Rated, Stainless Steel, 3000w, 240v

The TPI Corporation OCH57-240V quartz electric infrared heater operates at 3kW, has a frosted quartz infrared tube that helps provide even distribution of radiant heat from ceiling to floor, and a stainless steel housing that helps resist corrosion and is rated for suspended, exposed outdoor use or indoor spot heating by Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL, a division of Intertek Group PLC). The reflector is made of gold anodized aluminum that helps provide efficient transfer of radiant energy into the room or workspace in a 60-degree symmetrical heat pattern.The unit can be suspended from the ceiling using the included two 2’…

  • Gold Anodized Aluminum Reflectors and End Caps
  • Frosted Quartz Tube Heating Element
  • Manufactured in U.S.A.
  • Btu Rating: 10239
  • Series: OCH


# 2 - Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-watt

Dr968 Infrared HeaterView larger Dr. Infrared Heater Dr968 Same Wattage, More Heat [email protected]/s Vs [email protected]/s Save Big On Your Heating Bills Dr. Infrared Heater, newly engineered and designed in the US, is one of the best alternative and most efficient heating sources for you this winter. The Dr. Infrared Heater's Advanced Dual Heating System, combining PTC and Quartz Infrared Element, keeps you warm this winter while saving on heating bills. Equipped with a Dual Heating System and High Velocity Low Noise blower, the Dr Infrared Heater increases the heat distribution and transfer rate and the result is heating your room…

  • Can heat up a large room with Auto Energy Saving Model With High and Low Feature. Tip-over protection and Overheat protection
  • Dual Heating Systems featuring infrared quartz tube + PTC with 12hr automatic shut-off timer
  • IR Remote Control, High Pressure Low Noise Blower with Noise level 39 dB super quiet
  • Electronic Thermostat: range 50 to 86 degrees. Caster Wheels and lifetme filter
  • Weights 24 lbs and uses 12.5 Amps of Power. 1500 Watts


# 3 - Hetr H1014ups Indoor/outdoor Rated Radiant Tower Heater, 36-inch

Portable, indoor/outdoor-rated patio heaters for residential and commercial use on patios or in shops. All of our models feature: high efficiency carbon fiber heater element, anodized aluminum alloy frame for unparalleled durability, 360 degrees of radiant heat, a tip-over safety off switch, and a 6 foot power cord.

  • 1200 watts of comfort
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Efficient carbon fiber heating element provides quick, reliable heat
  • 360 degrees of radiant heat
  • Tip over safety off switch


# 4 - New Age Living Phantom 15 Wall Panel Heater - 1100w - Radiant & Convection Heating - Silent With No Moving Parts - Tuv Rated For Safe Home Use

Stay Warm With Natural Convection Heating New Age Living Phantom Series wall panel convection heaters offer out-of-the-way wall mounting and are an economic way of providing efficient room heating at a low cost. Using natural convection technology, they are the healthy and clean way to heat a room as no dust or allergens are blown around. Heat is generated within the high quality aluminum heating element, and released through the top of the unit which leads to an efficient up draft of heated air circulated into the room (the heated air rises at a speed of 2.3 feet per second!).…

  • ELEGANT: Attractive modern design compliments the look of your living space.
  • VERSITILE: Utilizes radiant as well as convection methods of heating.
  • SILENT: No moving parts = No sound. Perfect for your bedroom, office, or reading/study space.
  • EFFICIENT: With 1100W of power it can comfortably heat a space of up to 450 square feet.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Save up to 50% on your heating bill by only heating the spaces that are in use.


# 5 - Hetr H1018 Infrared Pedestal Style Electric Patio Heater, 1500w

The heater 1500-watt outdoor-rated portable pedestal heater with adjustable stand is designed for use in Lounges, on patios, or in shops. Requiring no gas or other flammable fuels, the carbon fiber heating element heats very efficiently. Its features include 1500 watts of comfortable, radiant heat, an anodized extruded aluminum alloy frame with stainless steel poles and base cover, an aluminum reflector that evenly concentrates heat outward, adjustable height that focuses warmth at different levels, a tip-off safety switch, and a six-foot power cord.

  • 1500W of comfortable radiant heat
  • Requires no Gas or other Flammable fuel
  • High efficiency carbon fiber heating element
  • Anodized extruded aluminum alloy Frame with stainless steel poles and base cover
  • Aluminum reflector evenly concentrates heat outward