Best Flash for Canon 5D Mark III

Although Canon 5D Mark III came out in 2012 which makes it a 7-year-old gadget in a world of yearly releases, this professional-grade DSLR camera with special optical technologies and an extended ISO range is still a worthwhile investment in 2019.

Moreover, years after the initial release of the 5D Mark III, its price dropped significantly but the quality of pictures you can take using this camera remained allowing you to get more value for less money.

The list of 5D Mark III key specs is quite impressive but there is one drawback that calls for additional equipment: no built-in flash. To be able to capture great photos even in low light environments, you need to supplement your camera with a flash. But what is the best flash for Canon 5D Mark III?

Below you will find a quick review of five flashes from different brands that will help you to illuminate your photos. Read on if you are wondering which Canon 5D Mark III flash you should buy.

Canon Speedlite 580 EX II

It’s a fully-pivotable pro-level flash that is rated one of the best speedlites for Canon 5D Mark III by both amateurs and pros.

One of its main advantages over the predecessors from the Canon Speedlite family (270 EX, 320 EX, or 430 EX III) and the deciding point for choosing 580 EX II is that it can be used as a master control unit to control remote flashes via infrared. If you are going to use your flash for the off-camera photography and you need a master to control your slave flashes, this unit will do the job.

The 580 EX II includes an autofocus assist beam to provide accurate autofocusing in poor lit areas. With its improved dust- and water-resistance sealing, the unit will stay protected to deliver even in bad weather.

However, if you need only one flash, you can save some money and buy a 430 EX III that is smaller and lighter but still acts as a great Canon 5D Mark III flash.

Canon Speedlight 600 EX II RT

The 600 EX II is very similar to the 580 EX II in its size but this Canon 5D Mark III flash is a definite upgrade with improved speed and performance. It’s fully backwards compatible with all the existing Canon Speedlites but it also has radio-enabled opportunities. The 600 EX II can be used in five different modes: solo speedlite, radio master, radio slave, optical master, and optical slave.

Many Canon shooters prefer this unit as it syncs perfectly with 5D Mark III and is powerful enough to light up large rooms which can be of great help during conferences, galas, auctions or any other events that are held in dim-lit locations.

Powerextra DF-801 Speedlite Flash

Despite being much cheaper than the two abovementioned ones, this gear still does its job very well and can be considered as a Canon 5D Mark III flash for photographers on a budget. The backlit LCD panel gives you all the control you need. It can turn 360, has lots of functions and recycles very fast.

It’s not the best speedlite for Canon 5D Mark III in terms of capturing very dark scenes, but it’s worth its money for general purposes.

Neewer NW-561 LCD Display Speedlite Flash for Canon

One of the greatest things that you will like about this flash is definitely a price as it costs around $40 by date. This is rather a consumer-level Canon 5D Mark III flash for people that are practicing photography as a hobby and want to add some extra light to their pictures or professionals that have Canon flashes and want to have a low-priced Neewer as an addition. It has the ability to act as a slave flash, it has a large bright display and a built-in flash diffuser to soften the light.

Altura APC-598X Flash

Altura APC-598X is easily compatible with Canon 5D Mark III and can work on it in E-TTL mode, manual, or repeating flash mode. This Altura’s design resembles the first flash from our best flash for Canon 5D Mark III list, Canon’s 580 EX II and it also can function as a master unit that controls slave flashes.

Again, if you are avoiding Canon flashes because they are out of your budget or you just don’t need an expensive Canon 5D Mark III flash, you can buy this mid-price Altura’s flash and be equipped for capturing the moment.