Below is the table which shows the top 6 best brooms for dog hair 2018. Each and every brooms for dog hair is chosen by our specialist reviewers.


# 1 - Furemover Broom With Squeegee Made From Natural Rubber, Multi-surface And Pet Hair Removal, Telescoping Handle That Extends From 3 Ft To 6 Ft

The patented, multi-purpose FURemover rubber broom can be used indoors or outdoors to clean practically any surface including hardwood floors, tile, carpet, rugs, concrete, and upholstery. The soft head is made of natural rubber that acts like a pet hair magnet and won’t scratch hardwood floors. Unlike straw brooms, the FURemover Broom doesn’t send the hair flying, and it’s easy to clean with just soap and water. The flexible bristles allow for an easy clean and scruff free on any surface. The rubber squeegee is ideal for picking up pet hair on upholstered furniture and is much easier than vacuuming.…

  • Patented design makes cleaning up pet hair easy and fast
  • Natural rubber bristles attract pet hair on multiple surfaces, like carpet, tile, hardwood, and linoleum
  • Sweep up pet hair and dirt easily without scratching your floors
  • Built-in rubber squeegee for cleaning windows and spills
  • No ladder needed with the telescopic pole that extends from 36 to 60 inches


# 2 - Push Broom Extra Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee Edge 55.1 Inches Scratch Free Bristle Broom For Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Hardwood Tile Windows Clean Water Resistant (grey)

One Broom that can clean your entire house effortlessly! Floors Sweeping & Scrubbing, Carpets Cleaning, Water Wiping and even Car Washing. This durable NO ash and hair sticking rubber bristle broom is the best cleaning tool for you to do all the daily cleaning. 【Performances between LandHope Rubber Broom and other brooms】 Normal Besom: Little and lightweight dust like powder, ash and pet hair are hard to be collected. They flying everywhere while sweeping them. LandHope Rubber Broom: Easily collect all the tiny dust on the floor that you even never noticed. Nothing will fly in the air while sweeping.…

  • Effortlessly Sweep - Rubber Bristles easily gather up dust, hair, paper scrapes on floors and carpets. Increasing 50% efficiency than a normal broom and make no ash or pet hair flying in the air during sweeping
  • Pet Hair Remove - Best to remove pet hair from carpets and rugs. Soft bristles gently scrape down and ball the hair from carpets, easily gather hair on the carpets that a vacuum couldn't reach
  • Updated Extra Long and Adjustable Handle - 31.5 inches to 55 inches adjustable length suit for people in different heights to use. Long enough for tall adults to use, prevent from bend down while sweeping. Also can be shorten for children to use by themselves
  • Reuse Like New - Easy to stay the broom itself clean by wash under tap, dust or hair will be easily wash down from the bristle and like NEW. Water resistance and dry quickly
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use - With build in squeegee edge, also suitable to be use in outdoor area like garden, balcony, patio, garage to wash floor, clean up water or spills, clean window, etc. Water resistance and durable


# 3 - Bissell 1778 Smart Details Brushwares Pet Hair Broom

BISSELL has learned that consumers are always looking for better cleaning, easier-to-use tools and multi-functional products that are compelling and offer value and efficient storage. Meet the BISSELL approach to everyday cleaning tools. SMART DETAILS products offer "wow" features that make every task easier - collapsible handles for easy storage, jointed handles to reach under furniture, soft touch grips and circular ends for hanging. From versatile brooms, dusters and a multi-functional mop to sturdy brush wares, it's function and fun for a better clean. As the name implies, the difference is in the details. This line delivers effective results and…

  • Multi-surface adjustable bristles clean bare floors and low pile rugs
  • Rubber bristles attract pet hair
  • Retract rubber bristles for everyday sweeping
  • Adjustable handle


# 4 - Pet Buddies Pb5579 Furstatic Pet Hair Broom (tpr)

Pet Buddies PB5579 FurStatic Broom

  • Removes pet hair from everywhere: vinyl, hardwood, carpet, cement and tile.
  • Telescoping handle extends from 29 to 51"."
  • Easy cleanup with soap and water.
  • Detachable broom head can be run through the dishwasher.
  • Made of a special type of rubber called TPR.
  • Creates an electrostatic charge that attracts hair and fine particles.


# 5 - Push Broom With Soft Rubber Bristles Squeegee Edge Use For Pet Cat Dog Hair Perfect For Cleaning Hardwood Vinyl Carpet (rubber Broom)

This broom is an excellent wet and dry scrubber that can be used to clean interior surfaces and exterior ones. It can be used to remove hair, lint, dust, and dirt from clothing and carpets. It can also be used to clean cars, windows and boats. Its Rubber bristles have fast drying qualities and retain their form after every use or wash.

  • Pet Hair Remove- You can use this to clean dog hair from your large throw rug that your dog lays on. It is fantastic for picking up the dog hair.
  • Effortlessly Sweep- It worked nicely on the flat open areas,soft enough not to scratch the windows, and it electrostatically attract dust and pet hair! Collects dirt, paper, or whatever is on the ground with easy and the brush is easy to clean.
  • Better than vacuums- When your dog's hair gets embedded into your rugs and carpet. And your vacuum does get up quite a bit of it but not all. This long-handled rubber brush broom helps to dislodge much of the hair . Recommend if you have pets.
  • Long and Adjustable Handle- 30 inches to 47.2 inches adjustable length suit for different tasks. Set up just snap the pole pieces together and go.
  • Many USES- It can be used for sweeping up dirt from tiled surfaces, wooden floors, linoleum, or almost any other surface imaginable. The hundreds of flexible rubber bristles form a wall to collect all the dirt without stirring up dust.